External Advisory Board

Morgan Carpenter

About Morgan

Morgan Carpenter is an intersex man, bioethicist, advocate, and a co-executive director of Intersex Human Rights Australia and creator of the intersex flag. Current roles include membership of an Australian Human Rights Commission expert group on protecting the human rights of people born with variations of sex characteristics in the context of medical interventions. He participated in the first expert meeting held by the UN on ending human rights violations against intersex persons in 2015. During 2017, Morgan was a member of a drafting committee for the Yogyakarta Principles plus 10 on the application of international human rights law in relation to sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics. He has also consulted to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Dan Christian Ghattas

Executive Director OII Europe
About Dan

Dan Christian Ghattas, PhD, is the Executive Director of Organisation Intersex International Europe (OII Europe). He started advocating for intersex human rights in Europe in 2009 and has since provided expertise to governments, EU and CoE and UN treaty bodies. He was one of the initiators of the 1st International Intersex Forum (2011), co-authored the Malta Declaration in 2013 and is a co-founder and former co-chair of OII Europe. In 2013, he compiled the first empirical (pre-)study on the life situations of intersex individuals worldwide, Human Rights Between the Sexes, covering 12 countries and most continents. In 2016, he authored the ILGA-Europe/ OII Europe Intersex Toolkit Standing up for intersex human rights – How can you help? and in 2019 the ILGA-Europe/ OII Europe legal toolkit Protecting intersex people in Europe. A toolkit for law and policy makers. With digital appendix and checklist. From 2015-2020 he was the European Advisor for the Astraea Intersex Human Rights Fund andis the Funds Senior Advisor since 2020. Since he has been 2016 Bridge Advisor for the Disability Rights Fund and since 2019 he is member of the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation Advisory Board.

Chiu, Ai-Chih (Hiker Chiu)

Ph.D. Candidate in Human Sexuality at Shu-Te University, Taiwan

Founder of Oii-Chinese (http://oii.tw) Co-chair of Intersex Asia Network (http://intersexasia.org)

About Hiker

Hiker Chiu is an intersex activist,  a Ph.D. candidate of the Graduate school of Human Sexuality Shu-Te University, based in Taiwan. Hiker’s master thesis is the first self-narrative life story of intersex in Chinese. In 2010, Hiker came out and initiated the “Global Free Hugs with Intersex Movement,” which is the first intersex person who came out publicly in Taiwan. Hiker founded Organization Intersex International-Chinese (Oii Chinese), the first intersex info website and organization for Chinese speaking people, in 2008. After ten years of raising intersex awareness, Hiker had reached out to more than 100 Chinese-speaking intersex people and intersex people from 14 countries in Asia.  The Asian intersex community selected Hiker as the Intersex Asia Network co-chair in 2018.

Mauro Cabral Grinspan

About Mauro

Mauro Cabral Grinspan is the Executive Director of GATE, an international NGO focused on trans, gender diverse and intersex issues. He also coordinates the Argentinian working group Justicia Intersex. On behalf of GATE, Mauro co-chairs the Thematic Group on National Laws and Policies at the Equal Rights Coalition. He is a member different Boards, including the International Advisory Board of the LGTBI Program at Human Rights Watch and the Editorial Board of Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters. Mauro chairs the INIA’s Advisory Board.In 2004 Mauro made the first intersex presentation at the United Nations in Geneva and, in 2014, organized the first meeting on intersex depathologization between intersex activists and WHO. In 2005, he coordinated the first Training Institute for trans and intersex activists from Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2006, he participated in the Experts’ Meeting that produced the Yogyakarta Principles, and he is one of their signatories. In 2017, he participated in the drafting team of the Yogyakarta Principles+10.  Mauro participated in the drafting and legislative process on the Argentinian Gender Identity Law, and of the Argentinian lawbill on protecting sex characteristics. From 2011 to date Mauro has coordinated GATE’s initiative on trans, gender diverse and intersex advocacy on depathologization.Mauro holds a Degree in History by the Universidad Nacional of Cordoba (Argentina), where he also taught seminars on temporality and biotechnology. In 2009, he edited the book Interdicciones. Escrituras de la Intersexualidad en Castellano. Mauro received the Bob Hepple Equality Award in 2015.

Mieke Verloo

Professor of Comparative Politics and Inequality Issues

Department of Political Sciences
Institute of Management Research
Radboud University