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Professor Flavia Monceri

Professor of Political Philosophy

University of Molise

About Flavia

Flavia Monceri (Pisa, Italy, 1965), is Full professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Molise (Italy). Sie teaches also in the fields of Gender Studies (broadly understood), Multiculturalism and Intercultural Communication and Disability Studies. Sie holds an MA in Political Sciences (University of Pisa), a PhD. in Philosophy of the Social Sciences (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa), and got a Diploma in Piano at the Istituto Musicale Pareggiato “L. Boccherini” (Lucca). Sie speaks fluent English and German, and basic Japanese, and has expertise in translating from the German and the English. Sie is the series editor of “Difforme” and “Sakura. Filosofie e società nei prodotti culturali” at the Edizioni ETS  (Pisa), and authored a good number of scientific publications (books, articles, essays, etc.) in Italian and in English.

Research interests:

My research activity revolves around the rethinking of traditional notions, theories and models in the field of political philosophy, philosophy of the social sciences and political theory, with a special attention to the impact of individual diversity and differences on contemporary complex and multicultural societies and adopting an interdisciplinary and intersectional perspective. Research areas and subjects: Contemporary political philosophy, philosophy of the social sciences and social philosophy; Continental philosophy (esp. from Nietzsche on); Queer and Transgender theories and studies; Gender Studies; Disability Studies; Decolonial thinking; Theory and practice of intercultural communication, Intercultural philosophy, Intercultural Studies; Dialogue Theories; Intercultural and Interreligious dialogue; Complexity and systems theories; Anarchism and Postanarchism; Creativity and innovation; Democracy and Citizenship; Globalization and Multiculturalism; East Asian cultures and philosophies (esp. Japan); East Asian religions (esp. Zen, Shintô, and Taoism); Film philosophy; Austrian Philosophy of the social sciences; Philosophy of Music and the Arts.

Dr. Lih-Mei Liao

University College Hospital

London, UK

Dr. Daniela Crocetti

University of Bologna

Professor Barry Percy-Smith

Department of Behavioural and Social Sciences

University of Huddersfield