Adeline Berry is a transgender and intersex research fellow at the University of Huddersfield. Their work focuses on the life experiences and needs of older intersex people, including their needs related to healthcare. Addy’s approach to research originates from the standpoint positionality of an older intersex person whose life has been affected in all facets, directly and indirectly, by being intersex. They have a background in psychology and sex work research, and their intersex-themed illustrations were included in the Berlin Schwules Museum’s first intersex-themed art show Mercury Rising – Inter* Hermstory[ies] Now and Then in 2022 and in the 2023 film Every Body.

Adeline commenced their 36-month Marie Skłodowska Curie fellowship at University of Huddersfield in the U.K. in September 2020.  Addy successfully defended their PhD on March 13, 2024.

Dissemination Activities:

New publication: November 2022

Adeline Berry
Ageing in obscurity: a critical literature review regarding older intersex people
Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters

June 17-18, 2022: The Kleinfelter Syndrome Association annual AGM and conference

The KSA annual AGM and conference was held on the 17th and 18th of June at the University of Huddersfield, organised by ESR Adeline Berry and Professor Surya Monro. Surya had an opportunity to present and talk about the INIA project while Adeline spoke about the findings from their research into the experiences and needs of older intersex people in Europe.

17 November 2021: The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare flagship event

During the FSRH flagship event for sexual and reproductive healthcare professionals, ESR Adeline Berry gave a presentation entitled: Experiences of older intersex people. This conference offered attendees the opportunity to learn about the latest sexual and reproductive healthcare clinical developments and updates, network with and learn from a vibrant community of peers, and gain important credits to support ongoing professional development. FSRH Virtual 2021 is the leading conference for sexual and reproductive healthcare professionals showcasing the latest clinical developments across the UK and bringing together an impressive range of national speakers.  A link to the event can be found here.

Some photos from the event are presented below:

3 September 2021: INIA presentations at the European Sociological Association Conference in Barcelona, Spain

ESRs Adeline Berry (University of Huddersfield) and Sveta Solnsteva (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) gave very well attended presentations at the ESA 2021 online conference. Addy’s presentation was part of the RN01_T04_01: Ageism and discrimination session and Sveta’s presentation was part of the RN23_T07_01: Health, Sexuality and Medical Practices session. A programme for the event can be found here:

Outreach Activities

14 March 2023: Online training course

ESR Adeline Berry provided an online training course to the largest LGBT+ organisation in Ireland on intersex issues. This training led to talks of the development of a healthcare conference for expected 150 medical professionals and mental health professionals scheduled for this coming June 2023 at the Royal Surgeons in Dublin.  The event was attended by 10 members of LGBT Ireland including their CEO.

9 January 2023: ShoutOut

Adeline Berry participated in a second podcast by ShoutOut, a leading LGBTQIA+ awareness organization in Ireland alongside Clara Barry of Intersex Ireland where they discussed intersex community, joy, education and what the future looks like for intersex people in Ireland and elsewhere. Adeline spoke about INIA and findings from their research. The podcast was recorded for broadcast at a later date:

January 2023: Civil Liberties Union for Europe

ESR1 Adeline Berry fed into the Irish Council of Civil Liberties submission to the Central Statistics Submission to include intersex people in the census in the Republic of Ireland based on findings from their INIA research.

2022-2023 Coalition for Hate Crime in the Republic of Ireland

Adeline Berry was an active part of the Coalition for Hate Crime in the Republic of Ireland working for intersex inclusion based on findings from their research. This coalition was sponsored by the government of the Republic of Ireland, minister for justice and equality.

3 November 2022: Training in Edinburgh

ESR Adeline Berry gave a training to LGBT health and LGBT age employees in Edinburgh on their research and early INIA findings. It was well received, and Addy has been invited back to give follow up trainings and workshops.

24 October 2022: Online training for Outhouse staff

Adeline Berry provided Intersex training and disseminated INIA research findings to Outhouse staff members. Outhouse is a community and resource centre for LGBT people, their families, and friends. The event took place online with Outhouse staff members including the CEO

10 October 2022 Online panel: Intersex Thoughts: Virtual Expert Panel on the Mental Health of Intersex People

Intersex people face persistent and disproportionate challenges regarding their wellbeing, including physical and mental health. To call attention to this situation, GATE hosted a webinar focused on highlighting challenges, recommendations and priorities regarding the mental health of intersex people including a discussion focusing on the impact of human rights violations on intersex people and their mental health. Panelists: Irene Kuzemko, OII Europe; Adeline Berry, Intersex Ireland; Katharine Dalke, Penn State College; Hiker Chiu, Intersex Asia; Eli Rubashkyn, ILGA World. Over 48 people from around the world participated in this event.

ESR Adeline Berry spoke about INIA and their research findings in relation to intersex mental health.
More information about the event can be found here:

2 October 2022 Online workshop as part of OII Europe’s community event

Adeline Berry hosted a dissemination/drawing/comic strip creation workshop for 29 intersex people from around the world. More information about this community event can be found here:

26 September 2022: Stakeholder Event at University of Malta, Valletta Campus

During the sixth INIA network event held at University of Malta, Valletta, INIA PIs and ESRs participated in a stakeholder conference.  This was a very successful event attended by approximately 40 people from the University of Malta and from the Maltese government. The programme for the event can be found here.

22 September 2022: National Youth Council of Ireland

ESR1 Adeline Berry met with members of the National Youth Council of Ireland to discuss their research and the needs of intersex youth in Ireland. This event was held online.

11 August 2022: Panel during Walk with Us

ESR1 Adeline Berry participated in a panel discussion on trans futures at the project arts centre where she talked about her curent research with INIA as well as past research and work with the intersex community.

9 August 2022: Meeting with CEO of Outhouse

ESR1 Adeline Berry met with the new CEO of Outhouse, an LGBT+ centre in Dublin to discuss Adeline’s research and the needs of the intersex community and how they might work together in the future.

8 August 2022: Intersex Panel at Galway Pride

ESR1 Adeline Berry presented her research during the Intersex Ireland panel at Galway Pride.

30 June 2022: Meeting with Irish minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth

ESR1 Adeline Berry met with Roderick O’Gorman along with members of Intersex Ireland to present findings gleaned from Adeline’s research and to campaign for a better Ireland for intersex children. These points were raised with the U.N. shortly after on July 5th and a promise has been made to include bodily characteristics with Irish hate crime laws.

21 April 2022: UCC Queer Conference

ESR1 Adeline Berry gave a presentation with members of Intersex Ireland and spoke about her research with INIA.

11 April 2022: Meeting with membersof Irish parliament

ESR1 Adeline Berry met with TD Neasa Hourigan, health representative for the Green Party in Ireland to discuss intersex awareness, education legislation and care pathways for intersex people. Adeline also met with TD Duncan Smith, health representative for the Labour Party in Ireland and David Cullinane, health representative for Sinn Fein to discuss the same topics.

7 April 2022: Presentation at PGR Engage conference, University of Huddersfield

ESR1 Adeline Berry gave a presentation to other postgraduate researchers: “Older Intersex People, Invisibility and Resilience.”

6 April 2022: Joint activity with the MagnEFi ITN

During a joint outreach activity with the MSCA ITN MagnEFi (860060), Adeline Berry gave a presentation about her research topic on Older Intersex people.

3 March 2022: Irish Council for Civil Liberties

ESR1 Adeline Berry met with the Irish Council for Civil Liberties to talk about intersex inclusion in hate crime legislation. The meeting was very well received and led to their submitting a parliamentary question on paths for intersex care in Ireland.

16 February 2022: LGBTI history month at University of Huddersfield

Today ESR Addy Berry and coordinator Surya Monro were proud to provide presentations about the INIA project and intersex people’s issues to colleagues and students at the University of Huddersfield, as part of the LGBTI History Month programme. Surya’s talk was titled ‘Intersex and Variations of Sex Characteristics: A talk about equality, diversity and inclusion’ and Addy presented early findings from their research project on Older Intersex People.

December 2021: Short course on intersex for Open University

ESR Adeline Berry has put together a short course about intersex for the Open University. This course introduces learners to intersex and explains what intersex means. It looks at two intersex figures from history before explaining the current medical model of intersex care and how it came about. The course then goes on to look at how early decisions made in medical settings can affect intersex people throughout the rest of their lives. It ends with suggestions on how changes might be made to achieve better outcomes for intersex people. The course can be viewed here:

October 2021: Participation in Mercury Rising – Inter* Hermstory[ies] Now and Then at the Schwules Museum, Berlin, Germany 

ESR Adeline Berry had an opportunity to talk about their research and the INIA project when they exhibited their artwork alongside ESR Sean Saifa Wall,  and intersex artists and activists Hiker Chiu, Obioma Chukwuike, Giegold & Weiß, Mauro Cabral Grinspan, Sunil Gupta, Crystal Hendricks, Ins A Kromminga, Ev Blaine Matthigack, Mani Mitchell, Eliana Rubashkyn, Charan Singh, Rae Smith, Rebecca Swan, Del LaGrace Volcano, Gaëlle ‘Gelweo’ Wolf, Ins A Kromminga and Ev Blaine Matthigack.
The show is curated by Luan Pertl and Sylvia Sadzinski.

Mercury rising is the Schwules Museum’s first inter* focused exhibition is dedicated to the past and present of inter* movement(s) in activism, society, art and culture. It explores fragmentary universes and utopias on the topic of intersex issues which, until now has often been filtered and handed down through the gaze of dyadic people, or still is. For more information:

For some photos from the event, please click here.

11 October 2021: Presentation for Open University academics and PhD students

ESR Adeline Berry from University of Huddersfield gave a well-attended presentation about the INIA project to Open University academics and PhD students.

15 September 2021 Participation in IGLYO event

ESRs Adeline Berry and Axel Keating participated in the “Intersex intergenerational dialogues,” event with IGLYO.

23 June 2021: Judge’s Choice Award at annual Post Graduate Review conference at University of Huddersfield

ESR Adeline Berry at the University of Huddersfield’s ENGAGE postgraduate conference 2021 won Judge’s Choice Award for their poster presentation titled “Older Intersex People: A Pan-European Intersectional Approach.” The poster can be viewed here.

02 June 2021: Podcast for Glow West Pride Panel

On Wednesday, June 2nd, ESR Adeline Berry participated in a podcast as part of the Glow West Pride Panel. Some photos from the event are available here and here.  A link to the podcast is available here:

22 April 2021: INIA panel at DCU online conference, Intersex 2021: A vision for the future

On April 22nd during the online conference hosted by Dublin City University, the INIA project was introduced to conference participants. The panel was composed of the coordinator, Prof. Surya Monro, Principal Investigator, Amets Suess Schwend, and ESRs Yessica Mestre, Daria Abrosimova, Adeline Berry, Axel Keating and Steph Lum. The conference booklet can be consulted here. A link to the conference can be found here.

20 April 2021: INIA Panel at TransLondon event

Every 3rd Tuesday of each month, TransLondon welcomes presentations from guest speakers. On April 20th, the INIA coordinator, Prof. Surya Monro participated in an INIA panel with supervisor Tray Yeadon-Lee and ESRs Addy Berry and Axel Keating (photo here). The goal of the talk was to gain greater insight to the unique issues that Intersex people face in life, providing a greater opportunity to strengthen allyship through knowledge and understanding. Photo extracted from presentation here.

7 April 2021: Presentation at Teacher Assistant Preparation Course

ESR Adeline Berry gave a presentation entitled “What is intersex” to other students and the lecturer in the Teacher Assistant Preparation Course offered at University of Huddersfield.

January 2021: INIA appears in GCN Magazine

Along with other INIA ESRs and PIs, Addy contributed to an article in GCN Magazine, issue 366 entitled “Seen and Heard.” The article can be viewed here:

8 December 2020: Intersex panel as part of Galway Community Pride

ESR Addy Berry and PI Tanya Ni Mhuirthile participated in this panel during the Galway Community Pride. Addy mentioned her research project in the INIA network.  More information about this panel is available here: