Daria earned a degree in Sociology from Moscow State Lomonosov University. Afterwards, she pursued a career in marketing research, working as a research expert in pharmaceutical and financial industries. Simultaneously, she acted as a human rights activist and later co-founded her initiative. She educated medical professionals on working with intersex people and continues to pursue projects to improve medical care for intersex people in Russia.

Since September 2020, she has been pursuing a 36-month Marie SkłodowskaCurie fellowship and Ph.D. at the Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine at the University of Zurich with a focus on parental decision-making in clinical settings.

Dissemination Activities:

July 2022: 16th World Congress of Bioethics and/or the Congress of the Feminist Approaches to Bioethics 2022

ESR6 Daria Abrosimova presented: Do as I say, not as I do.
Scope review of the literature on psychosocial support for families with an intersex child

The conference program is available here: https://organizers-congress.org/frontend/index.php?page_id=7871&v=TimeTable&do=0&day=310

ESR7 Martin Gramc gave a presentation with ESR6 Daria Abrosimova entitled “Does medicine know that gender exists?”. More information about the conference is available here: https://www.fabnet.org/world-congress

14-16 July 2022: 9th I-DSD Symposium 2022

ESR6 Daria Abrosimova assisted during the workshop organised in collaboration with the presentation given by PI Jürg Streuli. The programme for the conference is available here:


9-11 September 2021, EACME Conference

ESRs 6 and 7 Daria Abrosimova and Martin Gramc gave a presentation entitled: Does the support for families with intersex children exist?
The conference book is available here. A certificate of participation is available here.

Outreach Activities

26 September 2022: Stakeholder Event at University of Malta, Valletta Campus

During the sixth INIA network event held at University of Malta, Valletta, INIA PIs and ESRs participated in a stakeholder conference.  This was a very successful event attended by approximately 40 people from the University of Malta and from the Maltese government. The programme for the event can be found here.

26 April 2022: PSI-I Conversation

ESR6 Daria Abrosimova participated in a talk about how psychologists provide information on intersex/gender in the process of psychosocial support of parents. The talk was attended by prominent academics in the area of researching psycho-social support and intersex, as well as medical and peer support providers.

16 December 2021: Presentation during Research Colloquium at the Institute of Bioethics and the History of Medicine

ESRs Martin Gramc and Daria Abrosimova presented their scoping reviews to other PhD candidates at the University of Zurich. The title of the presentation was: Medicine, stigma, society: How bioethical studies could improve the human rights of intersex people? The presentation was well attended and followed by an animated question and answer session.

13 November 2021: Training on intersex

ESR6 Daria Abrosimova provided training on intersex with Achtungliebe, a Swiss  non-profit organization of students who are committed to contemporary and age-appropriate sex education as part of their own school projects.

4 September 2021: Scientifica at University of Zurich

In September 2021, ESR6 Daria Abrosimova participated in Scientifica. Since 2011, ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich have been opening their main buildings on a weekend and inviting the public to experience science “on site”. Each year, “Scientifica” is dedicated to a key topic on which the two universities are conducting research in various disciplines. “Scientifica” includes various formats aimed at the interested public, as well as special activities for children. Daria presented Intersex 101 as well as her own and ESR7 Martin Gramc’s research. For more about the event, please click here: https://scientifica.ch/en/veranstaltungen/

22 April 2021: INIA panel at DCU online conference, Intersex 2021: A vision for the future

On April 22nd during the online conference hosted by Dublin City University, the INIA project was introduced to conference participants. The panel was composed of the coordinator, Prof. Surya Monro, Principal Investigator, Amets Suess Schwend, and ESRs Yessica Mestre, Daria Abrosimova, Adeline Berry, Axel Keating and Steph Lum. The conference booklet can be consulted here. A link to the conference can be found here.